My Poker Addiction

I say addiction because its just too much fun for me to stop playing. Yeah money is involved, but they say good players don’t even think of their chips as money, more like weapons or just little pieces and you want to get them all. I’ve been playing poker since I was a Sophomore in high school, I play Live Low Limit Texas Hold’em. I developed as a player by studying, reading, observing, and playing alot. I’m a frequent visitor and member of the forum and spend most of my time reading 2+2 books. I’ve had some success and I’m ready to start a BRoll, but I haven’t had the time lately. I’ll expound on this section as poker come into my life. I guess you could say we kinda of have a poker crew, or just good friends in life, and poker. They are Danny Slief, Duke von Schamann, and Tyler Hukill. We’ll take your monies.


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